Mr Jumpz Adventureland


Mr Jumpz has to go on an adventure and you can travel with him and help him in this cute new game called Mr Jumpz Adventureland! Mr Jumpz has got a new idea. He wants to visit Adventureland and complete the 30 levels of fun, but he needs a companion. He asked you to help him and you gladly agreed to go in this adventure with him. He will have to jump over some obstacles, like flames, rocks and other funny things to reach the finish line. You will have to help him jump, but be careful to not jump to high, because there are a lot of pointy edges that can harm him. So, begin the adventure and help Mr Jumpz jump all over the place to the finish line. Have fun with him and together, with the competition of Adventureland. Have a great time playing this cute new game and enjoy spending your time with Mr Jumpz in the beautiful place of Adventureland!