Music Awards Makeover


Everybody likes listening to music and going to concerts where their favorite artists perform live. Music tastes are varied depending on the types of music we listen to. From pop and dance to hip hop, rap, r&b, rock, urban, country, Latino or classical, music offers a diverse range of styles, like fashion. Music awards are popular events held each year with the purpose of honoring the best artists in the music industry and their music performances. Among the most famous music awards events there are MTV Video Music Awards, American Music Award, Billboard Music Awards, Grammy Awards and American Country Awards. Music awards gather all the music celebrities and their elegant designer outfits on the red carpet. Whether or not you have had the chance to attend a music awards event, girls, you can now get a fancy music awards look playing Music Awards Makeover facial beauty game, the newest fashion game released by! Get an elegant and stylish music awards make up, hair style and outfit, which will transform you into a music star ready to walk on the red carpet. Now you can have the look that singers and artists get when they show up at an awards event. Don't forget to prepare your face for make up with beauty products like scrubs, lotions, creams and face masks! Enjoy Music Awards Makeover facial beauty game!