Muslim Fashonista


Every culture is beautiful and every culture has its beautiful customs and traditions. Amongst the richest cultures in the world the Muslim one distinguishes itself as rich and vibrant. In this new game published here on Enjoydressup called Muslim Fashionista, you will get to fully style this beautiful girl and give her an amazing, traditional look. If you ever wanted a glimpse into the traditions and custom of this culture, this is the game for you. Start by choosing some facial features like skin tone, eye color or lip color. You can even choose the shape of the nose! Next, move on to the next step. The burka is the traditional veil Muslim women wear on their head so choose a color and then wrap it around her head. Finally, the dressup part will give you a multitude of options for the top and the skirt and you will also get to choose the colors and the patters. If you loved this game make sure to check out more here on Enjoydressup!