My Cute Pom Puppy


Hey girls, would you like to adopt a cute pom puppy? In this fun new game called My Cute Pom Puppy you can adopt one. He will be your best and most loyal friend, but having a pet comes with responsibility. You have to feed him, to play with him and walk him two times a day. Are you ready for this? Name your puppy, choose its color and take him home. You can have so much fun, teaching him commands, feeding and playing with the cute pom puppy. After he takes a nap you have to take him out in the garden. He likes to dig in the ground and if he digs out the flowers you have to plant new ones. After taking the afternoon walk, you need to give a bath to your puppy. Make sure that he is healthy and happy. Have fun playing this new My Cute Pom Puppy game!