My Kitty Album


If you love cute kitties, be ready to play the cutest kitty game ever called My Kitty Album. Play this fun game and get ready to spend a day with the sweetest kitty ever and you will even have the chance to create a beautiful photo album of all of your fun times together. How fun does that sound? Play this cute game on Enjoydressup and start by giving this cute kitty a yummy treat. Mince some salmon and mix yummy spices and feed your kitty. Don’t forget to take a picture for the album, as you will need a minimum of five. Bath time is important too so get kitty all cleaned up and take a pic of her afterwards. Next, have a little play time with kitty by giving her all of her favorite toys to play with and finally, dress kitty up in a cute outfit. Finally, put all of the pictures together and personalize the photo album. Have a fun time playing My Kitty Album here on Enjoydressup!