My Little Pony Sparkling Nails


The cutest characters from My Little Pony are here to surprise you again! We have already shown you how to style your hair and shoes following one of your favorite cartoon series, now it is time to have fun decorating your nails in a colorful way. Lovely Rarity is going to show you how to get colorful nails to wear any season. In the wonderful CuteZee game My Little Pony Sparkling Nails, your nails are going to shine with lovely colors inspired by this amazing theme we have for you. You can try out many awesome combinations using harmony stones and colors to unlock fun nail polishes. Combine them as you want and get your inspirations in at least twenty color combinations available for you. Also, complete the challenge to find all the cute characters from My Little Pony. Can you find them all? Now it is time to decorate your nails with the characters you have discovered previously and with other pretty colors. You can color the nails in the same colors or you can play with them and color each nail differently. Girls, have a fun time playing our brand new CuteZee game My Little Pony Sparkling Nails!