My Rainbow Pony Daycare


Baby Rainbow Dash arrived late to the daycare today because on the way she wondered in the woods playing and now she is all messy. In this My Rainbow Pony Daycare game you need to take care of Rainbow and clean her, because she can’t go home from the daycare looking like this. Let's clean up Rainbow pony and then style up her hair and make her look cute by picking some nice accessories and decorations for her. Take the sponge and the shampoo to give her a bubbly wash, then clean her with the shower. Use a soft towel and the hair dryer and now the pony is ready to receive a new haircut. You can dye her hair and change to color of her fur. Find a lovely hair decoration and for an extra cute look give her a nice tattoo. Have fun playing this new My Rainbow Pony Daycare game!