Nail Studio Floral Design


Ladies, it's time for a manicure and we have a great new idea for you! In Nail Studio Floral Design you will discover amazing new designs for your nails that will make you the envy of all the other girls. I am sure you know how important a great manicure is for a young girl, especially on summer days. The floral dress must be accessorize with a great manicure and nail design such as a floral one. For a great manicure in this game called Nail Studio Floral Design we will show you the proper way to have a manicure. First remove any old nail polish, cut the nails and file them, remove the cuticles, apply a protective cream and you are ready to use your creativity to make the most amazing floral nail design. Pick the floral nail design of your choice and add cute accessories. Have fun playing Nail Studio Floral Design!