New Cinderella Wedding Makeup


Girls, the amazing Cinderella is getting married. The gorgeous princess can't wait to walk down the aisle and be married to her prince. She needs a gorgeous makeup for her wedding day and you can help her create it. Don't waste time and begin the game called New Cinderella Wedding Makeup and choose one of the three ideas for makeup. Try a soft and romantic look with nice shades. You will need to start the makeup by applying color to the eye brows to make them stand out. Next, use a big brush and add blush on the cheeks on a cute pink shade. For the lids you can use a soft pinks shade with glitter and a brown shade in the crease area. For big eyes use mascara and add it on the lashes. In New Cinderella Wedding Makeup you can finish this look with a pink shade of lipstick. Enjoy New Cinderella Wedding Makeup!