NY Fashionista Real Makeover HTML5


Cara is a real NY fashionista! She enjoys going out in New York, to the park, local pubs and sophisticated restaurants. In a place like NY she needs to look fabulous all day long. She dreams of becoming a singer and for that today she will have a fashionista's best real makeover at the best beauty salon in the city. The first part is the facial mask and a back lotion for relaxation. A facial routine is necessary to remove acne and have a clean skin. A NY Fashionista can't leave the house without a cute make up and a nice gold eye shadow is perfect for a real makeover with cute pink lip gloss. It's a great idea to choose a new hairstyle as well and a braid is modern and chic. For the outfit choose a gorgeous plum color dress with gold details at the waist and a purple purse. Have fun playing NY Fashionista Real Makeover!