Olaf Frozen Doctor


Olaf, the adorable Snowman from Frozen had so much fun in Arendelle that he forgot to return in the high peaks of the mountains where it is always snow and where queen Elsa built him a nice ice castle. Spring came and Olaf started to melt making him get a really bad cold. You have to use your doctor skills and help Olaf feel better. Let's start! The first thing that you have to do as a doctor is check the body temperature using the thermometer. The you have to help queen Elsa magically freeze the room and apply the nasal spray to so that the Frozen snowman can breath more easily. Also, you have to give him the couching syrup and sue the oxygen mask to check the oxygen level. Last but not least you must open the magical box to make it possible to snow over Olaf. Well done doctor, Olaf the Frozen snowman is fine now thanks to you!