Palace Pets Bathroom Cleaning


Hey girls, in this new game called Palace Pets Bathroom Cleaning, Belle, the beautiful Disney princess is getting ready to give a bath to her beloved pet. Her puppy got messy after playing all day long outside in the garden and Belle needs to give her a bath and brush her fur. But when Belle walks into the bathroom, he realizes that the bathroom is so messy. She first needs to clean the bathroom. Could you help her? In this fun management game you need to scrub every surface and make sure that the bathroom is nice and clean, so Belle can then give a bath to her puppy. First you have to put every object back to its place. Next, you need to take the sponge and the detergent to start washing and scrubbing every dirty surface, such as the toilet, the sink and the bathtub. Clean the surfaces with water and also clean the mirror. Now everything is shiny and Belle can bath her pet. Have fun playing this new Palace Pets Bathroom Cleaning game!