Pancake Patty


I love a delicious dessert. Especially pancakes, they are so tasty and you can make them with many flavors. You can decorate them with fresh fruit, delicious syrup or anything you like. It’s a great treat for breakfast. I am sure you agree and you must love them as well. Today in this excite new game we have prepared for you called Pancake Patty, you can decorate some pancakes to your liking make them absolutely delicious. There are many things you can choose to decorate, so use your creativity and incredible cooking skills to pick the best things. You can pick different Pancake Patty filling, such as fruit cream or tasty chocolate. Decorate with fresh fruit such as strawberry and cherries. It looks great right? I am sure it tastes the same. Don’t forget about the tea which can be served with the pancakes. Enjoy playing this great game called Pancake Patty!