Paparazzi Rush


Just picture this: you are a really famous movie star who is one her way to this year's movie awards. You want everything to be perfect on this exciting night in your acting career, so you know that there will be a lot of preparation necessary for you to do before getting there. But here is the tricky part: the press is really curious about what your look will be at the gala, and you want everybody to be really surprised by your beauty, without revealing even a bit. You get in your car and head to the beauty salons where you have appointments, but you notice that the paparazzi are chasing you. You really don't want them to take a glimpse at your look, so you try to escape them. What your task in this fantastic game that we have prepared for you, called Paparazzi Rush will be to get to all the beauty salons without getting caught by the paparazzi. But on your way to these locations, you will also have to gather all of the items that you will be needing there, and also awards that will decide if the gala will have a happy ending for you, or not. in Paparazzi Rush, the first salon that you will have to get to is the nails salon where you will get your manicure done, then the tanning salon where you will beautify your skin with a nice tanning shade, and then the hairstylist where your awards hairstyle will be done. Once you will have successfully gone through all of these treatments, you will then choose the outfits that you will be wearing on stage, and a beautiful makeup to complete your look.