Papa's Pastaria


Welcome to Papa's Pastaria! This is a great place to eat, where they make the most delicious pasta in town. They follow traditional recipes with great fresh vegetables and the most tasty sauces. You can spend a day at the Papa's Pastaria and learn the secrets behind these amazing recipes. First, you will need to take the order from the customer and make sure you write down all the details. After that, move on to the cooking station, where you will need to boil the pasta. The customers can choose gnocchi, spaghetti or many other types. Boil them and then go to the build station and add the sauce. They can choose tomato sauce or garlic. Add the cheese and mushrooms and the amazing dish is almost done. At the bread station you can also bake a bread if the customer requested it and add it on the serving plate. Have fun playing Papa's Pastaria!