Paradise Vacation Prep


Soon we will have to start preparing for going on vacation, girls! Adele can't wait to start packing her suitcase for spending an amazing week on one of the most exotic islands in the world! But Adele has been rather careless about the way she looks lately so before she leaves she must really prepare so that she looks perfect! She must meet the beauty standards on the most exotic island, so why don't you help her get ready? Have fun playing our great new game called Paradise Vacation Prep and take Adele through a fantastic makeover! Start with the facial beauty treatments to prepare her skin for the exotic sunny seaside and then continue with the preparations by choosing the cutest makeup to wear on her vacation! I am sure you will have a lot of fun preparing Adele for her greatest vacation ever in our new amazing game called Paradise Vacation Prep! Besides the great variety of swim suits and summer dresses you also get to pack her other accessories like earrings, necklaces, sunglasses summer hats and purses! Enjoy preparing Adele for vacation in our new game called Paradise Vacation Prep, making sure you create the cutest makeup for her pretty summer outfits!