Pet Crazy Dentist


Becoming a pet dentist can be a dream come true! I am sure you adore pets, especially dogs and it's so terrible to see them in pain. Today you have the amazing opportunity to become a great dentist for a pet and cure his aching teeth. The dog is called Oddi and he will be so happy to have your as his dentist. Start the Pet Crazy Dentist game and begin the treatment. You will have many things to do, but all of them in the benefit of the cute dog, who is in pain. The first task as a dentist is to wash the teeth with a brush and tooth paste. After that, remove the cavities using the dentist utensils. The teeth are looking better, but your job as the Pet Crazy Dentist is not done. Remove the painful blister with a syringe and enjoy this super fun game called Pet Crazy Dentist!