Pet Star Baby Penguin


Hey Girls, can you help out this poor little penguin? He fell from a cliff in the icy water and injured himself. Now this poor little thing is crying and needs immediate medical treatment. In this Pet Star Baby Penguin game you need to take care of his injuries to make him feel happy again. First remove the ice fragments which are stuck in his feathers and are hurting his skin. Then use a magic lotion to clean and treat his wounds and apply bandages. Next, you will have to give this cute penguin a hot bubbly bath and then use the dryer to dry him off. He looks so fluffy now, so it would be a good idea to brush him. If you tickle and pet the penguin he will be so happy. Now it's time to help him catch many fishes in the water and finally you can make this little penguin be the cutest thing in the world by picking some nice accessories such as a hat or a bow or maybe a scarf. Have fun playing this new Pet Star Baby Penguin game!