Pet Stars: Baby Hamster


Hey girls, today you are going to take care about one of the cutest pets anyone can have, a baby hamster! Are you ready for some fun? Then play this lovely Pet Stars: Baby Hamster game and start by waking up the cute sleeping hamster by slowly tickling his head and tummy. Like everyone else, the baby hamster is going to be a bit grumpy after she wakes up but a bottle of milk will make her feel much better. The hamster's favorite food are nuts, and you can help her pick many nuts in a basket. Before starting the day, you need to give a bath to the cute hamster and after the bath you must dry and brush her fur. Make sure to play with the pet lots and lots and then choose some lovely accessories to make her look extra cute, such as a nice red bow on her head! Have a really great time playing this new game called Pet Stars: Baby Hamster!