Pet Stars: Cuddly Koala


In this fun game named Pet Stars: Cuddly Koala this little furry animal needs your help to treat and pamper him after an accident! Start by removing the leafs and twigs in his fur with a pair of tweezers. Then put him in the bath tub and wash him up with a special pet shampoo. Take him up and wipe him dry with a soft towel. Brush his fur and give him a bag of eucalyptus leafs as a gift, because they are delicious and he is hungry. Pet him to show him your love and then you can finally let him back into the wild. He will need your help to jump from one branch to another with an ivy liana. Finally dress him up with the most adorable hat, a pair of colorful bunny ears or a cool pair of sunglasses. Enjoy playing this amazing game named Pet Stars: Cuddly Koala!