Pet Stars: Playful Panda


Hey ladies, would you like to take care of the cutest pet today? In this new game called Pet Stars: Playful Panda you will have such a great time babysitting a cute baby panda. The cute panda lives deep in the forest in a tree house. He needs to start the day and firstly you will have to give him a morning bath, after which you need to dry and brush his fur. Next, the panda needs to have breakfast, a nice basket of juicy bamboo tree brunches, his favorites. After breakfast, the baby panda needs to brush his teeth and drink a good glass of water. Once done will the morning routine, let the playtime begin. The panda loves making soap bubbles which you have to pop out. Last but not least, pick cute accessories and toys for him. Have fun playing this new Pet Stars: Playful Panda game!