Pet Stars: Snowball


Snowball is a cute white fluffy bunny who needs your help. He got injured pretty badly and now he is scared and crying in pain. Play this new game called Pet Stars: Snowball to help out this poor little bunny and make him feel better. First you need to take the tweezers and remove the leafs and wooden stick which got stuck in him fluffy fur. Take a cotton ball and clean his injuries, the use band aids and places them on his wounds. These are going to heal pretty fast now, and you can bandage his injured leg. The cute bunny also needs a bath and make sure to add bubbles because he will start feeling batter. After the bath, use a towel to dry his fur and a brush to make his white fur fluffy again. Finally, you can pet him, feed him with carrots and he will be so happy. Have fun playing Pet Stars: Snowball!