Pin-Up Bridesmaid Doll Creator


Hello ladies! We have a new doll creator game for you: Pin-up Bridesmaid Doll Creator. I'm sure you will find it very interesting especially if you like the pinup style as much as I do. The usual pinup style is playful, yet sophisticated. Pinup girls wear their hair combed in pin curls, flowing curls, or bouffant buns, a bright red lipstick and minimal makeup to emphasize their natural beauty. The clothes are specific to mid 1900 fashion: corsets, vintage bustiers, tight pants with high waist, stockings, high heels to complete the look. In this fun doll creator game you can customize your bridesmaid pin-up doll from head to toe. Start with her features and choose a skin tone for her, the shape of her eye brows, eyes and lips and of course some beautiful colors. Mix and match different hair pieces to create a bold pin-up hairstyle for her. You can match different hairstyles to create a more complicated one, or you can go for something more simple but still elegant and chic. Then create the outfit for your pin-up bridesmaid. You have a lovely pastel colors palette to choose from. You will have to choose a top and a dress: baby doll or a stretch mini dress to which you can add different garments like ruffles or bows. Choose a pair of shoes and stockings and color them to match your look. Accessorize with bags, clutches, earrings, a cute umbrella and sunglasses. Don't forget to choose a lovely background for your doll and save your picture :) Enjoy our new lovely game called Pin-up Bridesmaid Doll Creator!