Pinkie Bedtime


Hey girls, do you like babysitting cute babies? Pinkie's parents won't be home this evening and they really need someone to babysit their bundle of joy. Pinkie is the cutest baby girl and she brings big smiles on everyone's face. In this new Pinkie Bedtime game you have to take care of the cute baby while her parents are out in town. You will have to go through the bedtime routine which can be fun. Giving Pinkie a bath will sure teach you a thing or two about baby care. Pinkie for example starts crying during the bath but with a trick you can bring the smile back on her face. All you need to do, is to give her some toys to play with and then you can wash her and dry her skin and hair in no time. After bath it's time to put Pinkie in bed, change her diapers and choose a cute pajama. Have fun playing this new Pinkie Bedtime game!