Pou Family Dentist


Pou Boy and Pou Girl have some serious health problem. They both have some awful teeth aches and they need your immediate attention. In this exciting new game you will have to choose between Pou Boy and Pou Girl. Or you can treat them both if you want. In this really exciting dentist game called Pou Family Dentist, you are going to have the unique challenge of helping them obtain healthier teeth, by taking all of the steps shown. You will have to be extra careful, though, because the order in which you will have to complete the steps has been established by a well-known dentist, the Pou Family Dentist, so at any cost do not change this fragile order. You will see that this assignment will not be such a difficult one, because you are going to be guided every step pf the way. Have a really amazing time playing this exciting doctor game called Pou Family Dentist!