Prank The Nanny Baby Ice Queen


 A cute nanny takes care of baby Elsa and you can prank her in this funny new game called Prank The Nanny: Baby Ice Queen! Baby Elsa is a naughty little girl and the nanny will be getting pranked in this cute game. Help Elsa make fun of her nanny with all kinds of funny gags and jokes. You scare her with a frog, make snow appear when she doesn’t expect, and put ketchup on her strawberries. It’s all harmful fun! Summon Olaf to scare her, and when she is asleep, you can also draw something funny on her face with toothpaste. After you had some fun and apologized to the nanny, you became friends again. You will play a game of dress-up and see how cute you look. Choose a hairstyle, a cute outfit and you can even pick funny face paint. You can choose to dress them the same or you can mix it up a little and dress them different. Have fun with all the outfits, pick a cute accessory and you are done. They both look great, thanks to you!