Precious Kitty Dentist


I want you to meet the most precious kitty in the world. She is extremely loving but unfortunately has some problems with her teeth. That's why she needs to get to the dentist fast, before the problems worsen. But I am sure that with your help and awesome dentist skills, the precious kitty will regain her perfect smile again. The precious kitty will be fabulous again after you go through the two stages. The first stage consists in several steps of dental treatment that will make her teeth be perfect again. You move on to the second stage where you will make the precious kitty look very stylish. If you want, you can choose the color of her fur, chose a lovely color for the eyes and then make up her to look absolutely amazing. Don't forget about the accessories and she is all ready! So have lots of fun playing our wonderful new game, named Precious Kitty Dentist!