Pregnant Draculaura Emergency


The great Monster High student, Draculaura, is pregnant with her first baby. She had an accident today and she is not feeling well. Could you be her doctor and help her? Don't waste time and begin the game called Pregnant Draculaura Emergency! First, use tissue to clean the blood and puss. Use eye drops to reduce red eyes. Take the tweezers and use it to remove all the wooden splinters from her body. Use an antiseptic to clean the wounds and a cream to help with the healing process. In Pregnant Draculaura Emergency you will now need to apply band aids over the wounds and take an x-ray and check for broken bones. Secure the arm where the broken bone is with gauze and make sure it heals properly. You can also use an injection to prevent pain while healing and use an ice bag to remove the bruises. Enjoy the game called Pregnant Draculaura Emergency!