Pregnant Elsa Spa Treatment


Elsa Frozen is very happy. She is pregnant and her pregnancy months have been easy and happy. Today, she has planned a great relaxing day at the spa for some pampering. Join her in the very fun game called Pregnant Elsa Spa Treatment and begin by applying great creams and lotions on her belly to hydrate the skin. Rinse with water after each application and dry her belly with a soft towel. You can use lotions with fruit such as orange, kiwi and lemon. The next step of the pampering is to relax while the lotions take effect and enjoy the relaxing day. In Pregnant Elsa Spa Treatment a facial treatment is also needed. She has a few pimples and she will need a great treatment for them. Use the special tool to clean the pimples and make her face smooth and silky. Have fun playing the game called Pregnant Elsa Spa Treatment!