Pregnant Super Barbie Spa


Super Barbie is pregnant. She is very excited about it and she wants to have some fun today. She will start with a very pampering bath. In Pregnant Super Barbie Spa you need to place flower petals in the water and some bubble foam. Wash her hair with a scented shampoo and apply a great mask on her face. Next, dry her hair and then apply the makeup. Use a great red color for the lips, green eye shadow for the lids and a nice pink blush on the cheeks. Apply some mascara on her lashes to make them long and then use the eye brow pencil. In Pregnant Super Barbie Spa you can now finish her great look by choosing a great dress. A good idea is a maternity dress with a nice white fur detail and a pair blue comfy shoes. Accessorize with fun jewelry and enjoy Pregnant Super Barbie Spa!