Princess Ariel Heal And Spa


Ariel had a terrible accident while she was exploring the underwater. She got chased by a shark who almost caught her but luckily Ariel managed to get away alive. She suffered a few injuries though, and in this new game called Princess Ariel Heal And Spa game you will need to take care of her injuries and help Ariel relax at the spa. Start by cleaning her hair which is filled with seaweed and then treat her injuries. Once you gave her a complete makeover, it’s time to give her a facial beauty treatment. A few face masks will make her feel much better. Take the tweezers and give a nice new shape to her eyebrows and get rid of her pimples. Last but not least, Ariel needs a wonderful new hairstyle and a fabulous outfit. Have a great time playing this new game called Princess Ariel Heal And Spa!