Princess Birthday Fashion Challenge


Its Rapunzel’s birthday and her friends made her a fashion challenge and you can help her in this cute game called Princess Birthday Fashion Challenge. They have 3 challenges for you: Ariel has a dress up challenge, Jasmine has a make-up challenge and Elsa has another dress up challenge, but for your guests this time. First challenge takes you to your favorite mall, and you’ll have to pick a cute outfit for your birthday. Choose whatever you like, because you know Ariel looks good in anything. Jasmine has a new challenge for you: make-up. Pick something that will make Ariel look special for her special day. Pick something bold and cute at the same time. The final challenge is to choose some outfits for your guests. You can dress them to look the same, or you can dress them different, each one with her specific style. Ariel’s birthday party will be a success, thanks to her friends challenges, and of course thanks to you, because you helped her so much!