Princess Bridal Shower Party


Beauty is getting married soon and you, alongside Ariel and Elsa are preparing a bridal party is this came called Princess Bridal Shower Party! First thing, you’ll start with the invitation. Pick a design for your paper and how do you want the writing to be. Pick something cute, that Beauty will like. After the invitation has been sent, it’s time to decorate the room where the party will be held. Pick a table filled with cake and cookies and choose the perfect presents for her. Don’t forget about the balloons that will jazz things up. Now everything is ready and Beauty is expected to be at the party. The three friends need something to dress up with and they ask for your advice. Pick some beautiful dresses for them, because they are about to have a great time with each other. The party is a real success thanks to you, and Beauty had the best bridal shower party ever.