Princess Daily Fun


Rapunzel is a cute and popular princess and her friends want to hang out with her and you can help her with outfits in this cute new game called Princess Daily Fun! She gets a ton of messages form her friends and she wants to meet them but she can’t decide what to wear. This is where you come in and help her with your awesome fashion advice. Rapunzel has to meet with two princes and with Ariel at the mall.  Make sure to pick something special for her to wear at these three meetings so that she will look cute and fashionable. The first meeting is in the park, so choose something cute because she will hang out with a prince. For the second meeting, she will hang out with Ariel at the mall so pick something stylish. The girls will have fun at the mall and maybe do some more shopping. The last meeting, maybe a date, will be tonight, with a prince, at the new French restaurant. Be sure to pick something that will make her look beautiful. Now, thanks to you, Rapunzel got to see everyone and look beautiful while doing it.