Princess Fashion Blogger Rivals


Ariel and Rapunzel are both really successful fashion bloggers so they are looking to settle which one of them is the best fashion blogger in town. Would you like to help them settle the score? Play Princess Fashion Blogger Rivals here on Enjoydressup and help the girls get three fashion posts ready for Instagram. Start with the first category, week chic, and create a casual yet fashionable outfit that can be worn throughout the week. Create the outfit from the clothing items and accessories given for both Ariel and Rapunzel and then see which post gathers the most likes. Do the same for the next two categories called trend setter and rich and glam and create elegant and upscale outfits to serve as inspiration for classy events. See which princess ends up with the most likes and gets crowned best fashion blogger. Have fun playing Princess Fashion Blogger Rivals here on Enjoydressup!