Princess First Boyfriend Tips


Moana fell in love and you can help her get ready for a date in this exciting new game called Princess First Boyfriend Tips! Moana didn’t have a boyfriend before and she is a little bit shy. Snow White and Ariel want to help her impress the boy she fell in love with and you can help her too! First, start with some make-up. Moana will be more confident if she looks great. She already is beautiful but a little make-up will make her look even more beautiful. Pick a cute lipstick color, a concealer and make her eyebrows. Next, Ariel wants to go shopping and spoil Moana with some cute clothes. Buy the ones you like and keep in mind that you will have to dress Moana later. Choose a cute outfit for Moana and wish her luck on her date. She will have a great time thanks to her friends and to you!