Princess Hard Times


Aurora is feeling down and you can help her feel better and enjoy the beauties of like again in this new game called Princess Hard Times! Aurora isn’t herself lately and you can help her be happy again. She is feeling blue but she doesn’t know why. Being a princess is a hard job and they can be happy all the time. Princesses have moments when they’re sad too. But, you can help Aurora get over this sad phase by doing some cute activities with her. Start by helping her design a cute poster. She will hang the poster in her room and remember you and how cute you were by helping her make it. After that, prepare her a tasty glass of cocoa milk. It will be so tasty and sweet that she will surely feel better. After the cocoa milk is done, she will want to meet with her friend so you will have to help her with a cute outfit. Pick something beautiful for her. Her friend will surely make her feel better! Have fun playing this cute game and making Aurora feel better again!