Princess Haul Young Fashion


Ariel is crazy about shopping and can’t get enough of it and you can help her with her addiction in this cute game called Princess Haul Young Fashion! She just got a text message that offered discounts in a local store and she is so excited. She wants to spend all her money on clothes and shoes and cute accessories. She wants you to help her and keep her in line so that she will not spend all of her money. You will have to scroll through all the outfits that she likes, all the accessories and all the cute shoes. You can buy anything you want and you think it will look good on her. After the shopping is done, you can have some fun with Ariel and go to the park and the city. Take some photos and make a cute video out of them to remember this awesome day when Ariel got overexcited about some clothes. Have fun playing this cute dress up and shopping game!