Princess Hollywood Star


Elsa is the next big Movie Star but she needs your help to reach Hollywood in this exciting new game called Princess Hollywood Star. She needs your help for a movie poster, a visit on the walk of fame and a beautiful outfit for the red carpet. You can pick what kind of movie Elsa will star in and you have to choose the poster for that movie. Make her a superhero, a princess, or an exciting new character. Pick the background of the poster, keeping in mint the theme you chose for the movie, and you are ready. Elsa has a perfect new poster for her movie. The next step is a visit to “The Walk of Fame”, where Elsa’s hands will be present on the famous street. She is a huge star now, thanks to her awesome new movie, and everyone wants to take a picture of her on the red carpet. Give her a gorgeous outfit with accessories and a beautiful haircut. Everyone will see how beautiful and talented she is and it’s all because of you.