Princess Jasmine And The Magic Carpet

Hello girls! I am sure that the wonderful princess Jasmine doesn't need anymore introductions because everybody knows how fabulous she is. Today she plans to fly with her Magic Carpet to a secret hideout to meet Aladdin and the genie for a new adventure. But before that she has to dress up properly for that and she would appreciate it very much if you could help her out. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Let's start! I am sure that princess Jasmine would look lovely on her Magic Carpet in a beautiful mauve top, combines with a pair of incredible matching trousers. Don't forget about finding the right pair of shoes and you can move on to selecting a beautiful hairstyle in the right color from the ones that you have available. Don't forget to accessorize the outfit with a pretty tiara and necklace too. Have lots of fun dressing up princess Jasmine on her Magic Carpet!