Princess Juliet Pony Love


Hey girls! The amazing princess Juliet loves her ponies. She like to take care of them and ride them in her castle garden. Start the game called Princess Juliet Pony Love and help her take care of her pony. Wash the pony with water and feed it with tasty fruit and vegetables. Place horseshoes on each leg and brush the mane with a nice comb. The pony is ready for a fun day. Oh no! The evil wizard has kidnapped the pony from Juliet and now she needs to find him. In Princess Juliet Pony Love you need to follow the clue and find items which will help unlock the cage where the pony is held. Make sure you use all your skills to recover the key from the wizard's cat and make a small balloon to carry the pony over the cliff. Enjoy the game called Princess Juliet Pony Love!