Princess Vs Villain Faceswap


Have a blast playing Princess Vs Villain Faceswap and choose a fun Snapchat filter for the each Disney character! Faceswap is one of the funniest filter on Snapchat that brings so much laughs among everyone. You get the chance to try it now with the Disney princesses and the villains that you love. Play the game Princess Vs Villain Faceswap and enjoy your time here with one of the most hilarious Snapchat filters out there! Ariel, Elsa and Cinderella decided to do something fun today, so help them out by getting a trendy outfit and hairstyle. Then do the same for your chosen villain and let the fun start! Choose the faceswap filter on Snapchat and change the face of the Disney princess with the one of the villain. Hit the replay button and try it out again with other characters such as Jafar and Ursula. Enjoy your time on our website!