Princesses Arendelle Christmas Holidays


Jasmine, Cinderella and Ariel have decided to do something special this Christmas so they have planned to visit Elsa in the magical kingdom of Arendelle. They are so excited to be there, especially since everybody knows how amazing winter is in Aredelle. Elsa wants to make sure that the girls have an amazing time there so wants them to find really cozy and awesome winter outfits to wear on their big trip. The girls could really use your help in coming up with the perfect winter outfits so if you would love to help them come on and play Princesses Arendelle Christmas Holidays here on our website. Create an amazing outfit for each of the girls and then go ahead and add the perfect winter boots, jackets and accessories. Make sure that the cold doesn’t get to them and have fun playing Princesses Arendelle Christmas Holidays!