Princesses Casting Rush


Play this fun new game called Princess Casting Rush to help Elsa Aurora and Cinderella get ready in time for their audition! The princesses couldn’t wait for the audition day to come but after staying up until late to get ready for it they all fell asleep. In this game you need to help each of them get ready and get there in time. The princesses need to plan their outfit bur there is not much time, so help them out by picking a fabulous outfit from their wardrobe. Beside creating their outfit there are other things that you have to do for them, such as helping Elsa find her kays, phone, makeup kit and bag and pack up everything that she needs. Cinderella will need your help with the make up as well. Get creative and play with colors to give her a gorgeous look. Have a really great time playing this new game called Princess Casting Rush!