Princesses City Break


Whenever you are stressed out with your daily routine, a city break is the perfect way to escape it for a short while and relax. You get to see a new city, explore it, go to all kinds of museums, discover small streets and try out the local cuisine. Ariel and Aurora are in the mood for a city break, but they can't decide where to go. Ariel would love to see Rome, a city with so much great history, while Aurora would much rather enjoy Paris, a very romantic place. So finally, they decide to just go and see both. Choose the city to go to first and dress up both princesses in a cute outfit appropriate for their destination. For Rome Ariel could wear a white crop top and full skirt duo with pink rose prints, two braids and golden jewelry, while Aurora could also try the white, but in a more Ancient Roman inspired outfit, her hair in a bun and a pair of sunglasses. For Paris, Ariel is thinking of a purple peplum top and a fitted pink midi skirt matched with a beret and a clutch. Aurora would try a striped black and white blouse with a pair of jeans and a red scarf tied around her waist. Help them get to the airport in time and collect enough money for their trip. Enjoy playing Princesses City Break!