Princesses Closet


Taking a peek in the Princesses Closet could be very fun for all of us and now you have the unique opportunity to do it! Ariel and Elsa are inviting you, with the condition you will help each of them select an outfit. Ariel has three different blue dresses, one with glitter, one with ruffled and one with lace and precious gems. She also has a strapless fitted glittery red gown, but a casual look too, a pink top with a heart print that she could match with a pair of jeans. She loves flower applications on her shoes and simple handbags. Elsa's gowns are all very glamorous, she has an orange glittery one, mermaid shape but with a midi length. She has a red one with embroidery on top and one with green and gold. Her handbags are also fancy and she loves high heels. Enjoy playing this cute game!