Princesses Funfair Adventure


Let’s have some fun at the funfair with these 2 cute Disney Princesses in this new game called Princesses Funfair Adventure! Elsa and Pocahontas want to go to the funfair and they need your help to pick two cute outfits. They really want to have some fun and the funfair is the place to be. They will go on all the rides, buy sweets and listen to music. Help them pick outfits for the funfair: pick something that will allow them to move more freely or pick something with more class. They are so happy that you helped them look beautiful. Just when they arrive at the funfair, they see a stand with cute toys. Both of them want something cute to take home, as a reminder of the fun days at the funfair. Pick two toys for both of them. They are happy to have you as a friend and can’t wait until the next funfair to have a great time with you again!