Private Eye Girl Makeover


Private eye stories and films like the ones with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson for example have captivated lots of generations with their suspense, mystery and thrilling plots. Usually detective stories have as main protagonists male private eyes, but that does not mean a girl cannot be a talented and efficient private eye as well. Do you wanna be a private eye, a female version of Sherlock Holmes, girls? Do you like solving mysteries? Are you a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and his genius mystery solving mind? Do you want to follow on the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes and be the first private eye girl in history, ladies? If you already have a private eye mind, all you need to become a true private eye girl is a private eye outfit. We have the perfect private eye girl makeover for you, girls, which will turn you into a sophisticated and stylish private eye girl. Be the modern female version of Sherlock Holmes playing our brand new Private Eye Girl Makeover facial beauty game! A fashionable private eye girl knows how to combine intelligence of mind with fashion forward trends. Get a private eye girl makeover from top to bottom consisting of facial beauty cosmetic treatments, stunning make up, fancy hair styling and sophisticated detective style outfits. A private eye always uses a magnifying glass, a notebook, a fancy hat and detective gloves not to leave any finger prints, so make sure you accessorize your private eye girl outfits with these fashion items. Enjoy playing Private Eye Girl Makeover facial beauty game!