Puff Pastry

Welcome to Sara's Cooking Class. Today she will teach you how to make delicious puff pastry. Follow Sara's directions to make a delicious puff pastry. You will get bonus points on early completion. Before starting cooking, you will need the ingredients for this delicious recipe, which are puff pasty sheets, vanilla instant pudding mix, milk, yummy whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate and powder sugar. Just from mentioning all these mouth-watering ingredients, it sounds like it is going to taste amazingly. Don't you think, girls! Sara is definitely eager to share her cooking instructions with you, so that you can enjoy the yummy pastry in no time with your family and friends. Get started and learn how to make puff pastry, share the recipe with your friends and after the puff pastry is ready, jump on and devour it, as that will be the effect of such a good looking and good smelling pastry. Enjoy your puff pastry!