Punk Makeunder


Hi ladies! We have a totally new extreme makeover experience for you that will surely blow your mind. More precisely, our new game is called Punk Makeunder and you will have to transform our punk girl, Cara in a gorgeous fashionista. Sounds challenging, right?  So let's not waste anymore time and start the Punk Makeunder! Cara is very nervous about the whole thing, but I am sure that with your help, everything will be alright. The first thing that you have to do is take off her punk clothes and put them in the laundry basket and give her instead a nice comfortable robe. Remove all the piercings from the eyebrow, lips and cheeks and then remove her harsh makeup. After you are done with this, don't forget to apply a toner to make sure that the skin is clean and apply also a moisturizing cream. The next step of the incredible Punk Makeunder consists of a dress up session, where you have to use your imagination and choose from her wardrobe all the right clothes, shoes and accessories to make a feminine and fashionable outfit. Keep in mind that the hairstyle is very important too, so go for some lose curls or a simple chic hair bun. Enjoy our new awesome game called Punk Makeunder!